DIY Board and Batten Stairwell

After I saw how easy it was to do this to my entry, I couldn’t wait any longer to get started on my stairwell. I wanted to make sure that I figured it out correctly so I downloaded an app on my IPad Pro called Morpholio Trace.

This app allowed me to take a picture of my wall or a room and would give me grid lines so that I could try to correctly sketch out how my battens would look. I have seen on Pinterest so many different ideas for board and batten. I have seen it go to the ceiling….with large grid patterns.. and so many other patterns that I knew that I needed to keep it simple. My whole reason for doing this to my walls was to add detail and add paint without having to paint up to the 20′ ceiling. After taking the pictures of my stairwell and seeing how it would look I made my plan.

I used the 1/8″ hard board as the background, just as I did for the entry wall. This allowed me to have a smooth surface to paint on.

The bottom landing board was roughly 3′ x 3′ and the other boards going up the stairs and on the middle landing are 2′ w. As you can see from the picture the bottom baseboard was lower than the stair boards so the extra height allowed them to match up.

Ehem…now going up the stairs. If I were to recommend that you do anything differently it would be that you mark out were your batten spacing would be so that when you attach the last hard board going up the stairs you could then cut that at the place and in the angle of the batten that would cover it. I didn’t do that on mine and while you don’t really see it anymore it would have saved me a lot of time in floating joint compound so that it would be covered up.

Now I know!

I attached the hardboard with liquid nails and added 1 x 6 as my top horizontal board. I then attached 1×4 boards as my end vertical boards (Just as I did on my entry wall). I then cut 1×3 boards for my battens and spaced at 16″ OC. Which is the center of one board to the center of the next board.

Once all of the boards where attached with a nail gun I used painters caulk and primed the walls. I once again painted with Behr “Alpaka Blanket”!

It adds so much character to that big white wall.

If you get a chance check out my YouTube channel and please subscribe while you’re there. I have posted a quick video on this and many other things I’ve been working on.

Thanks so much reading and have a great day!

Lots of Love,

XO Valerie

DIY Board and Batten Stairwell


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