Cosco Stepstool Makeover

Have there ever been items that have sparked a feeling or memory for you? (I have so many of things that bring me joy that Marie Condo would roll her eyes). The stepstool that lived in my grandma Vera’s kitchen in San Antonio was one of those items for me. It was yellow and had totally seen better days.

The original yellow stool awaiting the makeover

My memories are that of my cousins and I climbing the stool to grab tortillas or the pan dulce that she had stored in the pot with fruit on it on top of her island. I have to mention that just thinking about this makes me smile.

her pot was like this 🙂 Just looking at this picture makes my mouth water.

Anyway back to the stool, After my grandmother passed away a couple of years ago and then my uncle who lived in her home suddenly passed, the my mother inherited the stool. Last Christmas i decided that i was going to makeover that stool to fit my mom’s decor.

Mom’s madeover Cosco Chair

For her stool makeover I painted all over with Fusion Mineral Paint in the color “Casement” and covered the seat in burlap. I went ahead and painted the rubber on the steps as they were badly ripped up.

I loved this original stool so much that I long ago purchased one from an online auction for $40. It was at my daughters home, my son’s home and then finally came back home to me! 🙂 So after staring at it in the corner of my kitchen I decided that it was time for a little makeover of its own.

I made a video of the makeover so be sure to check it out.

One of the things that I would do differently is the paint brand. While I absolutely LOVE DIY paints for the vibrant colors and how easily it blends with other colors. I should have either put a top coat on the stool first or used Fusion again with a similar color. Because of the nature of DIY paint and how it is reactivated whenever it gets wet again, it easily came off on some metal portions of the chair. I may paint it again or not I absolutely love this stool! I even added my stencil to the seat and it’s right at home :-)!


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