A little about me :-)

I am a single mother ( can you say that when your kids have flown the coop?) well I waaaas a single mother. The kids are grown now and mostly moved out (my daughter and grandson live upstairs). The reason I mention this is because money was always tight and my décor relied heavily on hand me downs and thrift store finds. I had to be resourceful when decorating, unless of course it was tax refund time ;-). I had even grabbed things from the side of the road a time or two and this started my love for repurposing and rehabbing furniture for my home. I often surprised myself with how much charm these things added to my home, so much so that I began to document it in my first blog Valerie’s Homemade Home. There were many reasons why I didn’t keep up with that blog, the kids moved back in… then out… and then I sold my house. That actually was probably the biggest reason I didn’t keep up with it, I lost my inspiration. Then a few years went by and more life happened. Now I am at a point in my life when I needed to settle in somewhere again and stop living in limbo, so I bought a new home!

Its in a great location and conveniently located close to my mom and brother. I also have a grandson now and want a place to be at home in. He already tells me how much he loves our home :-).

Date night with my grandson!

I will be 50 yrs in February and hope to start a business doing what I love, that I will hopefully be doing for the next half of my life. This is what this blog is about, rediscovering what I am capable of and sharing it all with you. Thanks for reading and hopefully joining me on this adventure. My two worlds will more than likely intersect (my precast concrete sales and my youtube/blogger life) and I plan on taking you there with me. So sign up and subscribe to both my YouTube channel and this blog and let’s be friends!